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Ryan Smith
Attorney / Founder

National Headquarters:
Portland, Oregon

Franchise Attorney
Business Attorney
Trademark Attorney

Business, Trademark and Franchise Law Firm

Peak Law Group has vast experience representing start-up and established businesses in business, trademark and franchise practice areas, including LLC and corporate formations; business sales and acquisitions; trademark registrations; commercial leases; and other commercial contracts. We have specialized expertise in franchise law. We represent franchisors across the nation and internationally.

Affordable Flat Fees: Peak Law Group represents a refreshing change in the way legal services are provided. We offer flat fees
 for most legal services. Our intense focus is on providing real value to our clients. Contact us now for a free initial consultation!


Flexible Meeting Arrangements: For franchising, our franchise attorney is pleased to meet with you at any of our convenient office locations throughout the United States and around the world.


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