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Ryan Smith
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Start a Franchise - Franchise Attorney in Portland, Oregon Serving Clients Nationwide

Start a Franchise. Franchising is widely popular in most business industries. Franchising gives the franchisor the opportunity to expand with less capital expenditure than some other methods of expansion. This is so because franchisees invest the capital needed to open their franchises. There are several alternatives to franchising that should be considered as well. Alternatives may include expansion through company-owned locations, distributorships, joint ventures and several others. Your franchise attorney can help you determine whether or not franchising or an alternative structure is right for you.

Then, your franchise lawyer and other advisors can help you decide if you are ready to start a franchise system. This will depend upon factors such as your type of business concept; the length of time you have been operating your business; the geographic areas in which you have been operating; and whether or not you have received inquiries from individuals interested in seeing you franchise your business or buying a franchise. 

Contact Peak Law Group's international franchise attorney based in Portland, Oregon for more information about starting a franchise!

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