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Ryan Smith
Attorney / Founder

National Headquarters:
Portland, Oregon

Franchise Attorney
Business Attorney
Trademark Attorney

Franchise Attorney Serving Salt Lake City, Utah

Franchise Attorney Serving Salt Lake City, Utah and all of Utah: Peak Law Group has specialized expertise in franchise law. Our franchise attorney represents new and existing franchisors across the nation and around the world. We offer affordable flat rates for franchising your business and for other franchise, trademark and business legal services. Our intense focus is on providing real value to our clients. 


Our franchise attorney services Salt Lake CIty, Utah and all other locations in Utah, including Provo, Ogden and elsewhere. We have provided franchise legal services for several franchisors in Utah. Our franchise attorney, Ryan Smith, attended Brigham Young University in Provo.  

Our franchise attorney is pleased to meet with you in our comfortable offices in Salt Lake City, Utah to start the process of franchising your business. Or, if you prefer, our franchise attorney is pleased to initially meet with you at your location in Salt Lake City, Utah or elsewhere in Utah.   

Peak Law Group represents a refreshing change in the way legal services are provided. Contact us now for more information.