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Ryan Smith
Attorney / Founder

National Headquarters:
Portland, Oregon

Franchise Attorney
Business Attorney
Trademark Attorney

Benefits of Peak Law Group 
Business & Franchise Law Firm in Portland, OR

The Rig
ht Product We will work with you to define the legal product best suited to your needs. No surprises.

The Right Team
Our legal professionals rely on expertise and knowledge they acquired at leading Pacific Northwest firms to serve the needs of businesses and individuals. If we think your needs are best served by another lawyer or consultant, we will tell you. Our commitment is to provide you the best possible legal service, not to be a one-size-fits-all solution.

Lower Cost – Peak Law Group is not the traditional law firm with downtown offices and high overhead expenses. We feel a duty to contribute to your business by keeping our costs low and sharing the savings. Because our operations are "leaner" than other law firms, our rates are generally lower.

Peak Performance Guarantee
– If for any reason you don't feel you have received the best possible value for your fees, we will work with you to adjust our fees to reflect the "true value."
No Hidden Charges – We charge only for costs incurred for out-of-town travel or through the use of third-party vendors, such as messenger fees, outsourced photocopying, and state and federal filing fees. We do not charge for word processing, in-house photocopying, faxing, local or long distance telephone and computer-based legal research (unless you approve in advance).

A Flexible Fee Structure –
Peak Law Group uses a flexible payment structure tailored to your business needs, including:

  • Value-based billings with incentives for results that exceed expectations;
  • Monthly retainers for day-to-day advice;
  • Flat fees for certain projects; and
  • Fees based on hourly billing rates.
If none of these options work for your needs, we are open to any creative billing arrangement that is fair to all sides.

You will be an important client - for without your business, we cannot exist.