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Buy A Franchise - Peak Law Group Franchise Attorneys in Portland, Oregon

When purchasing a franchise, the best approach is to assemble a team of knowledgeable advisors. This applies whether you are planning to purchase an existing franchise location or planning to open a new franchise operation. Your team of advisors ordinarily should at least include a franchise attorney and certified public accountant (CPA). Your team may also consist of a franchise broker or franchise consultant, financial advisor or others.

A franchise broker can do a survey of your interests and qualifications and help you find a franchise opportunity that is right for you. Your CPA will review the financial and tax aspects of the proposed franchise purchase. A financial advisor can provide advice and options related to financial planning for your immediate needs and for your future (including your future plans for selling the franchise or passing it on to your heirs).

Your franchise attorney will help you review your Franchise Disclosure Document and Franchise Agreement before you sign. This service will help you understand your rights and obligations as a franchisee, which can reduce the chances of future relationship problems with the franchisor. If needed and desired, your franchise attorney can help you negotiate with the franchisor to make favorable changes to the franchise agreement. These negotiations are more likely to be successful if you and your attorney can articulate to the franchisor how the changes benefit the entire franchise system as a whole.

You will also need help from your attorney to create a business entity (such as a corporation or an LLC) through which to operate your franchise business; and possibly to prepare a Buy-Sell Agreement between the owners of the franchise to provide for future contingencies such as the death, disability, or voluntary withdrawal of an owner. If you are purchasing an existing franchise business, then your lawyer can prepare or review the business purchase contract you will enter into with the existing franchise owner.

Contact the franchise attorney at Peak Law Group now for more information about buying a franchise! Peak Law Group's franchise attorney is based in Portland, Oregon and serves franchisors and franchisees nationwide.

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